Many have asked, “How can I help?” We are looking for volunteers to help with our committees!

The Friends of the Maricopa Library (FOTL) make a difference in our community by supporting the Library. Members are especially important to the success of the FOTL. We are grateful to have members that are willing to volunteer their time, join various committees, plan events, and so much more!.


Read below to learn more about each FOTL committee and then email the committee chair to volunteer. We’re eager to see which opportunities you are interested in! 


This committee helps with sorting donated books and with our semi-annual (spring and fall) book sales. Book donations are dropped off at the library. These donations are picked up and taken to the farmhouse where they are sorted. Sorted books are for sale at various locations around the city, at our semi-annual book sales, and through our virtual book sales and mystery boxes. Email our Book Sorting Chairperson.


This is a social event for members, as well as a recruiting tool for new members. Coffee with Friends meets every Tuesday from 1:30 to 3 PM, in the Redwood Room at the Library. Hosts ensure that refreshments are out and available. Email our Coffee with Friends Chairperson.


This committee works to communicate information to the membership and the public, via social media sites. They also update our website and provide FOTL information to local outlets such as inMaricopa, the Maricopa Monitor, the City, and the Library. This ensures a uniform message about FOTL. This committee works closely with the Newsletter Committee.  Email our Communication Chairperson.


This committee plans and schedules excursions to locations in and around the Maricopa/greater Phoenix areas.  Email our Excursions Chairperson.


This committee tracks FOTL membership, sends reminders of annual renewals, and fields questions from our new members. This committee also seeks opportunities to recruit new members. Email our Membership Chairperson.


The purpose of the Newsletter Committee is to report on, and promote, the activities of the FOTL members, and to publish a monthly newsletter. The members write articles, format, proofread, edit, and arrange for the printing and distribution of the newsletter. In addition, they collaborate with the Webmaster to provide a digital copy for use on the website and an electronic copy for e-mailing to the membership. (See Communications Committee.) Email our Newsletter Chairperson.


This committee is formed in the late fall. The cycle for scholarships is January through May. The committee updates the application form, publicizes the scholarship, judges the submittals (all graduating high school seniors who reside in Maricopa are eligible to apply), and selects two winners based on merit. Winners are invited to a general meeting for an introduction to the membership. In addition, awards are presented at the local high school awards celebration(s). Students are awarded certificates and a lighthearted gift (typically a book about “surviving” their first year of college).  Email our Scholarship Chairperson.